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To help you understand the names of the fireworks and the different effects available we have prepared some descriptions below, if you need further assistance please just ask!

Multi-Shot Barrage Cakes

Cakes vary greatly in size, weight and duration. Some last only a few seconds and contain only a few tubes, while others may last for several minutes and contain upwards of 1,000 tubes, they create spectacular and long-lasting effects from a single ignition and display many exciting effects .

Aerial Shells

Shells add the WOW factor to any show, we use 2″ up to 12″ in our displays. Shells are a single shot effect fired from a motar tube, think of a cannon pointing straight up, they have extremely varied effects and can display many aerial designs.

Roman Candles

Roman candles are the classic effect seen at every display, they are a great value aerial effect normally used along side other effects, they come in various calibers and display fantastic colours and sounds.

Dragon Bundles

Dragon Bundles are a lot of fun, similar design to the classic roman candle but with seven tubes bundled together for a much more energetic effect.


Slice’s are made from a set of tubes positioned in a fan, the effect they produce is instant and huge, a real crowd pleaser!

Single Shots

Single shot tubes are instant ignition effects that are designed to be fired at any angle to inject colour or effect to a precision location in the show.

E-Match Ignitor

E-matches are used to ignite every firework in the show, they consist of a small explosive charge on the end of a wire, this is inserted straight inside the ‘quick fuse’ of the firework.

Firing Control Unit

When we set up our company we checked out many firing systems and decided to build our own so we have full control over the quality of the manufacture and specification of the components, not stopping there we have also written our own software to fire the system, we can fire each firework to an accuracy of 100/th of a second.

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